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Logo Design Competition

Updated: Nov 1, 2020




This year has seen unprecedented times that have precipitated rapid change throughout the world. The sustainability and health of the arts scene have also been thrown into the spotlight with the global disruptions caused by the pandemic. 

Riding this momentum for change, the World Dance Alliance (WDA) Singapore has undergone a revamp, with a renewed vision and mission to better support and provide connections through dance for its continued advancement.

Our team would like to relaunch this 2020, with a BRAND NEW LOGO for WDA Singapore! We invite YOU or any design and dance enthusiast to join us as we search for a new and impactful logo design that will help to give us a fresh start! 

Our Vision and Mission:

The WDA Singapore is a chapter of the WDA Asia Pacific, and is an inclusive non-profit organization established to:

  1. Support all dance practitioners and dance groups in Singapore, from veterans to fresh talent, from dance researchers to wellness enthusiasts. 

  2. Open up doors that will help dancers in their artistic, educational and professional development. 

  3. Build on our dance heritage for the future of dance and its evolving impact to society. 

  4. Connect dance practitioners locally and globally through a safe space for exchange. 

  5. Cultivate a scientific and holistic approach in the safe practice of dance and movement. 

Our Core Values are:

  1. Integrity. We believe in the practice of our beliefs in inclusivity, diversity and the holistic approach to dance and movement. 

  2. Empathy. Our members strive to understand varied experiences and conversations about dance and its allied vocations and how it affects people. 

  3. Relevance. WDA strives to remain in tune with the most current artistic, scientific and technological information as they impact the safe practice of dance.

Download the competition guidelines below to enter the competition.

WDA logo design competition
Download PDF • 139KB

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