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Behind the Logo

When we decided to have a new logo to headline WDASG's renewed vigour to connect the local dance scene through art, science and wellness, we had to make sure that the new brand symbolised the beliefs we espoused as a volunteer dance organization. Several iterations of the current logo surfaced in our discussions, but each one fell short of one thing or another. Take this first draft

While this version is abundant with symbolisms, it also looks like a police emblem (nothing wrong with that), but we do not want to be stereotyped into a policy organization. We are an arts group, after all. This submission consequently met with a lukewarm feedback from the team as we awaited other suggestions.

We were drawn to the minimalist appeal of the next logo (below). It had the letters of the organization's acronym abstracted well enough and without embellishments. However, those of you who played video games in the 80's will notice the Pac-man resemblance of the design, which the committee did not find auspicious at all. So the search continued and the 3rd incarnation of the logo appeared. This one had a more oriental sense in design with cursive text and sensual strokes. Beautifully minimalist yet somehow not representative of the current thrust of WDASG.

There was a deadline to beat, of course, which was before the first webisode of our Dance for Wellness & Wellness for Dance Series. And, just before the proverbial stroke of midnight, we had a most promising png. dropped on our dm's.

It had a circular backdrop which represented the world. Black symbolised the plague that brought the current team together to encourage and empower those in our community who were sidelined by the health crises. Red and white were an homage to the Singapore flag. Five brush strokes to stand for the revitalised vision-mission we are undertaking, the red stroke in the middle embodying the 3 core values we embrace: integrity, empathy and relevance, while the entire figure alluded to the lyre held by the Greek muse of Dance, Terpsichore. All these encapsulated in a simple design that we can all be proud of to personify World Dance Alliance Singapore. And so the new WDASG logo was borne!

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