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Wellness in Dance: A Holistic Approach to Training 22 January 2022 8pm FLA 23 January 2022 9am SG/HK

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

World Dance Alliance (Singapore) is hosting its first virtual webinar in 2022 focusing on dancers' training as it encompasses physical health, mental health, and overall well-being. We will be learning from dance artists who have managed to successfully cultivate their artistry while maintaining a healthy balance between their different passions. Counterpointing this perspective will be two medical experts as they share their knowledge and experience in physical training, injury prevention and rehabilitation, mental hygiene and stress management. Join Doctors Jennifer Marie Yang, Lielanie Mae Aguilar-Pascasio and Dancers Jayson Yap and Maybelle Lek as they discuss key issues that dancers face in their training as moderated by WDA Sg president, DrFil.

Dr Jennifer Marie Yang is a board certified American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist with a Graduate Certificate in Performing Arts Medicine. She recently graduated from the Australian National University with a Master of Culture, Health and Medicine. Jennie is also a trained pianist and avid nature photographer.

Dr. Lielanie Mae Aguilar-Pascasio is board certified with the American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry specialising in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. She currently practices with the Ascension Medical Group in the United States. Mae danced ballet in her youth and is now a wife and mother of two lads and a lady, all of whom dance. She is also an avid West-Coast Swing dancer with her hubby, when she is not being a dance mom.

Jason Yap is a professional dancer, producer and podcaster currently based in Slovakia. He also holds a Bachelor of Psychological Science degree from Malaysia. He graduated as a full scholar from the HKAPA with the Director's Award. Currently a member of Divadlo Studio Tanca, he initiated the bespoke career-oriented dance podcast, The Background Dancer in 2021.

Maybelle Lek is a freelance Singaporean dance artist with a passion to empower bodies through movement. To date, she has performed in over 31 different venues across the UK, EU and Singapore and worked with over 16 choreographers. Maybelle’s work includes choreography, teaching and multi-disciplinary collaborations.

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