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Dance for Wellness. Wellness for Dance

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

WDA Sg is holding its first webisode of its Dance for Wellness and Wellness for Dance series on

13 December, Sunday, 2pm-3:15pm, via zoom. Limited slots! Register here

So, wherever you are: at home, at work, or serving your Stay Home Notice (SHN), whether you are a professional dancer or someone who just enjoys dancing, you can join us for a 60-minute session of active mindfulness with a 15 minute Q&A afterwards. Through this session, we put the principles of good body mechanics in practice. Using a series of movement combinations and explanations, we explore the various ways in which we can achieve VERTICALITY, the theme for this episode.

Join JiaYin, Samantha and Yenny, with DrFil hosting, as they guide you through simple techniques in establishing a strong foundation to maintain good posture during the holidays.

Limited slots! Register here

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